American Bulldog
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History, Temperament & Fun Fact 

The American Bulldog descended from the Old English Bulldog breeds and Bulldogs originally came from England, they reached America in the 17th and 18th centuries with working-class immigrants.

American bulldogs were used in bull-baiting and dog shows until it was outlawed, causing them to be kept as pets rather than working dogs.

Before The 19th Century

American bulldogs went almost extinct, thanks to war veteran Mr. John D. Johnson & other breeders, who maintained their health and restore the breed.

After World War 2

have high energy levels, therefore, they need regular exercise to burn out all the excess energy by playing outside.

American Bulldog dogs

 love to play, however, so if you don’t give them the exercise they need, they might take their frustrations out on your house.

American Bulldogs

They are a low-maintenance breed they also need love and attention of their owners, and petting them does not require any special arrangements in the house.


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