Online ways to make money as a web developer, web designer

Easiest and high potential ideas and ways to make money as a web developer and also as a web designer. I would like to tell you that you can earn as much money online as you want, but it all depends on your hard work, how creative you are, and how you work smart way. In this way, you can easily earn money online.
Friends, the info time team tells you the greatest online way to earn ideas, on how to make money fast from home as a web developer. I want to tell you that you should choose a job that you can do well, and you should also enjoy doing that job.

How to Make Money as a web developer, web designer

Making Website Themes, Plugins & Template

How to make money as a web developer and web designer fast by making website themes, templates, and other stuff. If you are a web developer or web designer, then you can develop WordPress responsive themes, WordPress plugins, React themes, Portfolio themes, website templates, landing pages, email templates, CMS templates, admin templates, and eCommerce themes, especially Shopify themes you can sell in the Themforest platform.

Online ways to make money as a web developer, web designer

A profitable idea is how to make money fast by making website themes, You can create WordPress themes for different types of website categories like an eCommerce store, blog magazines, news websites, portfolio themes, landing pages, etc, also you can create WordPress plugins, and you can sell them online. But you need to learn PHP language because WordPress works on PHP language, and you have to learn some codec of WordPress, if you make some creative and fast-loading website themes then you can sell these themes for $20-$60. If even 100 people buy your theme in a month, then you can easily earn $2000- $6000.

If you have knowledge about backend development, these great ideas are for you, how to make money as a web developer by making website (WordPress) plugins, You can create and sell useful WordPress plugins like the wp-rocket plugin which is used to make website faster by reducing cache, minify, and server-side rendering. Another plugin is the AAWP plugin, which uses amazon’s API to show amazon products on a website and also gives a feature to put Affiliate Links on CTA(click through action) button for amazon associates, You Can Also Make & Sell Similar Plugin.

These types of service provider companies earn millions of dollars selling these plugins at high prices, studying these plugins & services, taking ideas & make these types of plugins, adding some advanced and unique features, and selling them at less than the price of these companies. As gradually your sales will increase, you can provide more service. Sell on ThemeForest or your own website and make a lot of money.

Note: The greatest way to make massive money with NFTs using simple ideas.

Another Great idea is how to make money as a web developer and web designer by making themes, not every website is built in WordPress, so you can make customizable react themes, prototype templates, and themes using Figma and other platforms and admin templates, but in today’s time small to big merchants are bringing their shops online, and everyone wants their website & to sell products online. So they want to earn money online by selling their product through e-commerce, but they also want their website to be good-looking, and fast, which means the user interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) of the website looks nice and easy to use for visitors.

That’s why most merchants use Shopify, and more than 1 million people around the world have built their e-commerce website through Shopify, and Shopify has over 2 million daily active users. So you can imagine that over the next few years, how many merchants will eventually create their own eCommerce website to sell their products online through Shopify?

Online ways to make money as a web designer

You have a great opportunity to develop simple or fancy, unique, and fast-loading landing pages (trending) and themes for Shopify and make money online. You can sell Shopify themes on ThemeForest, Shopify, and the creative market platform. A web designer can create prototype website themes, kind of landing pages, signup pages, product pages, checkout pages, etc using Figma, adobe xd, and web developers convert prototype stuff into coding stuff using frameworks like react, angular, etc for websites.

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